4.50 Average 34 Reviews
4.50 Average 34 Reviews

2022-07-18 04:45:47

Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to yesterday, but you were amazing. I felt a lot better after our session, so thank you for that.


2022-07-11 04:38:02

Thank you for your assistance in bringing us to this point, particularly the clarity you offered to the process and the compassion you displayed during the two sessions in your offices.


2022-07-04 04:43:04

I was genuinely frightened about yesterday, but you were incredible. I felt considerably better after our session, so thank you so much.


2022-06-27 04:41:43

We felt that mediation was really helpful in resolving issues related to child care, particularly during vacations.


2022-06-18 05:23:18

Your efforts to mediate with the person who is being really difficult are excellent. Superior abilities in settling disagreements and a kind and welcoming demeanour.


2022-06-11 11:30:11

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the way in which you presided over the meetings. With a much better comprehension of the obligations that come with being parents, I believe that it is now time for us to advance in our parenting relationship. No


2022-06-04 10:49:02

"Excellent efforts to mediate with a person who is being really tough. Excellent skills in mediating conflicts and an approachable manner."

Dennis Ross

2022-05-26 12:19:59

My children have benefited much from National Family Mediation Service, without which it would have been impossible to manage the distribution of parental responsibilities.


2022-05-18 06:36:35

I want to express my gratitude for your assistance in getting us to this point, particularly for the clarity and sensitivity you demonstrated during our two sessions in your offices.

Eleanor Scott

2022-03-28 07:25:07

My wife and I are trying to address the issues without going to court or mediation. Thank you so much for all you've done; you give an excellent service!


2022-03-10 10:04:48

Very professional service. I requested relay mediation and it went very smoothly.


2022-03-05 05:36:43

I spoke to a very helpful lady and the outcome and service was superb from start to finish.


2022-02-25 06:42:03

Yes, you are excellent and should be ranked among the finest in the UK. You deserve this recognition. Your company's assistance has been excellent. My sincere gratitude goes out to you, sir.


2022-02-10 11:03:04

Thank you so much for your help. Your answers were really useful and came back so quickly. Great!


2022-02-05 06:29:21

Very good customer service from NFMS, answered any of my questions, very knowledgeable. Thank you.


2022-01-29 05:06:18

We were very happy with the service provided, They was very responsive and explained the process clearly.


2022-01-18 10:20:40

I felt NFMS was straightforward and upfront with me, which I truly valued. I also found him to be pleasant and also authentic.


2022-01-04 06:33:16

Excellent resource, knowledgeable individual, professional and dedicated, and passionate about the subject!


2021-12-17 05:36:53

NFMS is knowledgeable and committed to helping couples through difficult times.


2021-12-11 05:29:49

I found your approach and sessions to be extremely beneficial and would not hesitate to recommend your services.


2021-12-03 06:51:18

Very pleased with your service overall, thank you


2021-11-24 07:04:07

I found NFMS to be informative clear and precise. I would have no hesitation recommending NFMS services.


2021-11-16 08:04:26

NFMS was excellent & process is very quick


2021-11-11 07:00:01

National family mediation services are an excellent way to resolve disputes outside of the courts. This simple method should always be used.


2021-10-26 09:07:01

Very clear and helpful advice; took the time to understand my situation and explain options in a very transparent and easy-to-navigate manner; and did not put any pressure on me.


2021-10-13 08:15:41

very good help, the lawyer was on point with my case and i really like it. i will recommend this company.


2021-10-07 06:41:03

It was a very good experience. Very approachable and clearly explained. Happy with the service provided.


2021-09-30 08:59:48

NFS was very kind and helpful in assisting my ex and I during a very hard time in our lives. She had the experience and calm demeanor necessary to help us during our messy separation, including building a visitation schedule for our young boys. We left


2021-08-27 08:33:52

I have been lucky enough to learn firsthand how they work through difficult situations and always, always keep everyone focused on the important goal of creating a safe, healthy and happy environment for all parties involved, especially if there are child


2021-08-24 06:02:12

Great resource, knowledgeable team, professional and dedicated, passionate about the matter!


2021-08-18 06:26:39

Fantastic service. Caring and empathic throughout.


2021-08-17 09:02:42

Very good service whish i would have tried years ago


2021-08-17 09:02:05

We found mediation really useful to sort out childcare arrangements especially holidays


2021-08-17 09:01:21

NFMS contacted me really quick