4.76 Average 25 Reviews
4.76 Average 25 Reviews

2022-02-05 06:33:42

Had an appointment with CWM! They was amazing and friendly


2022-01-29 05:06:53

Excellent service from CWM. Always open to discuss things and very helpful advise.


2022-01-18 10:22:29

CWM got along, mindful and also incredibly knowledgeable. He was fair as well as honest in suggesting my finest course of action despite the fact that I assumed that one more one looked good.


2022-01-04 06:41:22

I had no idea what to expect because this was my first time doing mediation. The mediator was very approachable and professional, which made me feel more at ease.


2021-12-17 05:40:52

They are extremely helpful, professional and friendly from the moment I got in touch with them.


2021-12-11 05:34:09

I found you to be professional at all times; you listened and let each of us speak without interruption. You encouraged us to consider each other's points of view and were sensitive to xxx' and my feelings during this difficult time.


2021-12-03 06:58:33

Really fast & professional service


2021-11-24 07:06:03

Very welcoming and approachable and helpful reassuring service.


2021-11-16 08:06:42

Excellent service very professional, with clear explanations of the process.


2021-11-11 07:03:15

Countrywide Mediation Service assisted me in regaining custody of my son. It went off without a hitch, with no need for a trip to the courts.


2021-10-26 09:09:16

Excellent service that is both quick and efficient.


2021-10-18 10:59:46

I phoned to inquire about mediation. They was really nice and knowledgable. Excellent service


2021-10-13 08:17:10

Excellent counsel that was honest, straightforward, and kind. I got a lot more out of my session than I anticipated. I wholeheartedly endorse


2021-10-07 06:36:48

Yes, you are pretty good and should be regarded as a go to resource. I am really pleased with your service. Thank you so lot.


2021-09-30 08:39:15

Very professional, excellent service, and most importantly, really helpful. It is something I will suggest. Thank you very much.


2021-09-23 07:21:06

It was, indeed, professional and simple.


2021-09-07 07:38:10

Exactly what I needed, extremely professional, and made me feel at peace. I would use them again without hesitation.


2021-08-31 06:38:14

Truly, this programme is exceptional. It is perfect for those who need to solve conflicts without going to court. The safest option is to always choose the simplest approach

Nicole A

2021-08-31 06:36:19

Mediation was really beneficial to us without mediation, I would not have been able to move forwards.


2021-08-24 06:09:57

Very educated and pleasant. I spent the entire time asking questions and thoroughly addressing all of my inquiries.


2021-08-19 11:18:19

Professional and approachable. Knowledgeable and useful. I would suggest this service


2021-08-12 07:00:39

Countrywide provided me with excellent customer service. I had a few follow-up concerns about my impending divorce, and country mediation provided a plethora of information.


2021-08-04 06:23:33

Fantastic service and extremely helpful and I felt comfortable discussing every thought.


2021-08-03 10:05:56

Me ex didnt want mediation which was a shame but there you go


2021-08-03 10:04:18

Mediators really know their stuff and have solutions we did not think of