4.55 Average 31 Reviews
4.55 Average 31 Reviews

2022-06-27 04:50:09

Because of the drooping skin around my chin and eyes, I've been having a bad day. When it came to botox, I was terrified of the chemicals and needles, and I never believed that individuals looked natural. However, the hifu complete facelift was worth ever


2022-06-18 05:31:27

I had been a smoker for years, and after quitting I began to notice wrinkles around my lips. Terrified of undergoing surgery, I sought an alternative solution. Wow, the results have been incredible, and the staff has been wonderful.


2022-06-11 05:25:15

Collagen Restore was recommended to me by a friend when I was seriously contemplating having a surgical facelift done. It turned out to be the best thing I've ever done because my deep wrinkles are filling out and my jaw line is significantly improved. I

Sofia Khan

2022-06-01 10:39:00

After I turned 45, I saw that the small wrinkles around my eyes and lips were growing deeper. The RF resurfacing truly targeted these areas, and it was pain free. It was so peaceful that I actually fell asleep, and now I feel more confident.

Anna Walsh

2022-05-26 12:12:54

I had old acne scars that had worsened due to sun exposure. I thought there was nothing that could help, however the RF resurfacing was so effective that within six sessions they were nearly completely gone!


2022-05-18 06:31:51

For six weeks, I was sick up with looking in the mirror and feeling older than my years because of my double chin, but the people at the clinic were extremely kind and the results were incredible.


2022-04-16 06:53:09

Everything they own is of the highest quality. Thus far, the best business with which I have ever dealt!


2022-03-28 07:01:01

Collagen Restore is the finest option for Botox and Juvaderm fillers. I would strongly suggest this company to anybody searching for a professional and pleasant level of service.


2022-03-10 09:59:33

I had a facelift, browlift and eyelid surgery. I was treated like family by a professional, caring and compassionate staff. They listened to my questions & addressed all of my concerns. I was truly a more improved version of myself.


2022-03-05 05:31:23

The best clinic I’ve ever been too! I’ve been to many and the care, advice and results from this place has to be one of the best.


2022-02-25 06:37:08

A long-standing wart has removed in just two short treatments!


2022-02-16 06:39:35

I have been feeling down about the sagging around my chin and eyes. I didn’t want to have botox because I was terrfied of the chemicals and needles and I never felt people looked natural - the hifu full facelift was worth every penny and over the weeks ev


2022-02-10 10:53:41

the lines and wrinkles on my fore head were getting really deep, I tried countless amounts of creams then a friend told me to try collagen restore. It was painless, effective and saved me loads of money! I have my yearly top up booked in


2022-02-05 06:14:17

I had some old acne scaring that from being in the sun had become worse, I didn’t think anything could help but the RF resurfacing was amazing within 6 sessions they had almost gone!


2022-01-29 05:00:04

evening and weekend appointments made it easy for me to fit treatments in around work, I have got so much more confidence and no longer worried about having the video on zoom calls now!


2022-01-18 10:12:58

I had been a smoker for years - and after quitting I was really noticing the lines around my lips - terrified of needs or surgery I needed another option - wow the results have been amazing and the team were great!


2022-01-04 06:19:27

I had, a stubborn skin tag on my eye - it was starting effect my vision and the doctors wouldn’t do anything. A friend told me to contact collagen restore and wow it was such a quick effective treatment and the skin tag was gone


2021-12-17 05:24:34

I was fed up of seeing my double chin and I felt older than my years - the staff were great and so friendly and after 6 weeks that chin is almost gone!


2021-12-11 05:14:35

Clean, organised clinic with knowledgable friendly staff I felt so at ease - have already booked my top up appointment


2021-12-03 06:16:26

I was fed up of seeing my double chin and I felt older than my years - the staff were great and so friendly and after 6 weeks that chin is almost gone!


2021-11-24 06:55:57

After I hit 45 I noticed around my eyes and lips that the fine lines were getting deeper - the RF resurfacing really targeted these area and pain free - I actually fell asleep it was so relaxing and I feel more confident


2021-11-16 07:55:57

I was really considering a surgical facelift, a friend recommended me to Collagen Restore and wow - best thing I ever did the deep wrinkles are filling out and my jaw line is so improved - I was super happy that they were able to do home visits as well!


2021-11-11 04:45:31

wow - 3 weeks in and I can see amazing results my crows feet are so much improved!


2021-10-26 08:42:31

the evening appointments available made it perfect for to have treatment - and straight back to work the next day


2021-10-18 11:45:42

very clean clinic, friendly knowledgable consultants - highly recommend


2021-10-13 07:53:26

I was getting so self consious of my double chin, and sagging face I looked so much older than my years within 3 sessions I can see a hugh improvement.


2021-10-06 10:26:35

I am really pleased with the results, I had a stubborn wart for ages and now it has vanished in 2 short treatments!


2021-10-04 13:54:31

Great team, the consultants tailormade perfect plan for me - results were amazing


2021-10-02 10:12:28

Lovely people and managed to do an evening treatment


2021-10-02 10:11:49

No pain and fast as well


2021-10-02 10:11:21

Happy with everything done for my forehead and having 2nd treatment soon