4.15 Average 117 Reviews
4.15 Average 117 Reviews

2024-02-09 03:48:02

Impressed with AM Mediators' Divorce Services. They guided us through the process with professionalism and compassion. Achieved a fair resolution efficiently. Thank you for your expertise and support.

Jeff Smith

2024-02-02 03:44:42

AM Mediation offers a highly thorough and well-executed approach for enabling the necessary dialogues for a divorce.


2024-01-26 03:49:36

AM Mediators, a game-changer in mediation services. Their team, led by experts, navigated my case seamlessly. Their commitment to excellence is unmatched. Truly grateful for their assistance.


2024-01-19 03:44:30

AM Mediators exceeded expectations. Their court services were prompt and reliable. Grateful for their expertise. A trustworthy choice for legal support. Thank you!


2024-01-12 03:15:33

AM Mediators provided excellent court services. Their team was professional, efficient, and ensured a smooth process. Highly recommend their expertise for any legal matters.


2024-01-05 03:19:27

AM Mediators expertly resolved our boundary dispute, providing clear solutions. Their professionalism and efficiency exceeded expectations. Grateful for their services—highly recommend AM Mediators for any mediation needs!


2023-12-29 03:38:51

I'm pleased we had the option of mediating in person or electronically. We opted to mediate online, which proved to be quite beneficial


2023-12-22 07:15:39

AM Mediator helped me navigate complex financial matters effortlessly. Their expertise and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend their services!


2023-12-15 03:16:34

AM Mediation offers a highly thorough and well-executed approach for enabling the necessary dialogues for a divorce


2023-12-08 03:18:10

What I liked best about working with AM Mediators was how efficient and well-structured the process was.


2023-12-01 05:26:51

AM Mediators provided exceptional mediation services for my commercial dispute. Their expertise and professionalism helped us reach a fair resolution quickly. Highly recommend their services!

Emily Davis

2023-11-24 03:18:47

AM Mediators made a difficult situation easier with their compassionate approach to divorce. Their professionalism and attention to detail ensured a fair outcome for both parties involved.


2023-11-17 05:10:54

AM Mediators expertly resolved our boundary dispute with professionalism and efficiency. Grateful for their knowledgeable team's guidance. Highly recommend their services for peace of mind.

John Smith

2023-11-10 03:39:37

AM Mediators provided exceptional workplace mediation services. Their expertise and professionalism helped resolve our conflicts efficiently. Highly recommended for resolving workplace disputes effectively.


2023-11-03 03:35:26

AM Mediators provided exceptional divorce services. Their team was professional, compassionate, and guided me through the process seamlessly. Highly recommend their expertise!


2023-10-27 04:10:05

AM Mediators made the divorce process smooth and amicable. Their expertise and compassion helped us reach fair agreements quickly. Highly recommended!


2023-10-20 04:15:36

Exceptional service from AM Mediators, they made a difficult situation manageable. Highly recommend!


2023-10-13 04:35:36

AM Mediators turned a stressful boundary dispute into a manageable process. Highly recommend!


2023-10-06 04:25:13

AM Mediators provided exceptional divorce services. They made a difficult process much smoother and less stressful. Highly recommended!


2023-09-29 04:45:06

AM Mediators guided my family through a tough time with sensitivity and professionalism. Their child mediation services are exceptional, promoting understanding and harmony.


2023-09-15 04:47:19

AM Mediators' family mediation services are exceptional. They skillfully guided us through tough discussions, fostering understanding and harmony. A game-changer for resolving family disputes.


2023-09-08 04:49:40

My experience with AM Mediators was outstanding. our mediator, played a crucial role in helping my ex-partner and me navigate the challenging path of co-parenting after divorce. She provided us with a safe and neutral space for open communication. Her exp

David Patel

2023-09-01 04:49:37

AM Mediators' court services are top-notch. Their team's dedication to achieving the best possible outcome is evident in their work. They handled my case with expertise and professionalism, making sure my rights were protected. Their attention to detail a

Sarah Johnson

2023-08-25 04:26:36

I had an incredibly positive experience with AM Mediators for child access mediation. As a parent going through a difficult separation, their team displayed exceptional professionalism and sensitivity to the delicate nature of the situation. They facilita

Sarah Johnson

2023-08-18 04:23:05

AM Mediators truly saved the day when it came to navigating the complexities of pensions and divorce. Sarah and the team were incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and empathetic throughout the entire process. They ensured that both parties felt heard and un

Sophia Martinez

2023-08-11 05:22:30

While AM Mediators' divorce services were professional, my experience left me somewhat underwhelmed. The process seemed more formulaic than personalized, and I felt that certain nuances were overlooked. Communication, while present, could have been more p

Emily Parker

2023-08-04 08:11:02

As someone who has always been cautious about handling finances, I was hesitant when I first sought help from AM Mediators. But I must say, they exceeded my expectations in every way possible. They took the time to explain each financial option in detail,

Michael Brown

2023-07-28 04:47:46

As a client of AM Mediators, I experienced exceptional court services that exceeded my expectations. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of the legal system and handled my case with the utmost professionalism and diligence. I highly recommend AM

Jennifer Carter

2023-07-21 04:24:25

I can't thank AM Mediators enough for their outstanding services. As someone who dreaded the divorce process, they made it surprisingly manageable. The mediators were empathetic and understanding, offering support and encouragement when I needed it most.

Jessica Roberts

2023-07-14 04:57:08

I had an excellent experience with AM Mediators during my divorce proceedings. Their team, led by mediator, was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. She guided me through the legal process with patience and expertise, ensuring that my rights were prot

William Johnson

2023-07-07 05:49:41

Our experience with AM Mediators was first-rate. They handled our boundary dispute adeptly, ensuring a smooth, efficient process. Their mediator was impartial and helped us reach a fair agreement. We're glad we chose AM Mediators!

Richard Thompson

2023-06-30 04:59:05

AM Mediators and their 'Civil Commercial' service have been instrumental in resolving our business disputes. Their approach is both fair and thoughtful, always putting the interests of both parties at the forefront.

Susan Parker

2023-06-23 04:57:27

AM Mediators was a lifesaver during a difficult period of my life. My ex-husband and I were at a standstill regarding our children's custody, but our mediator, Karen, helped us find a resolution that met everyone's needs. The process was much less stressf


2023-06-16 05:35:14

AM Mediators and their mediator, Michael, played a crucial role in resolving your child custody dispute. Having a professional and experienced mediator can make a significant difference in navigating such sensitive and complex matters. The fact that Micha

Samuel Brown

2023-06-09 04:32:11

Navigating a divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. AM Mediators provided the support and guidance my family needed during this difficult time. Their expertise and professionalism made the mediation process much smoother than I coul

David Martinez

2023-06-02 04:43:37

Our company faced a challenging situation involving a long-standing disagreement between two colleagues. We reached out to AM Mediators, and they were instrumental in helping us resolve the issue. Their mediator was professional, unbiased, and highly skil

Michael Johnson

2023-05-26 04:49:37

Children mediation can be an emotionally charged and difficult process, but AM Mediators helped to make it as smooth as possible. Our mediator, Tom, was very knowledgeable and empathetic, ensuring both parties felt heard and respected. Thanks to their gui

David Johnson

2023-05-19 04:28:12

AM Mediators played a crucial role in resolving our child custody dispute. Their professional and experienced mediator, Michael, guided us through the process with utmost care and sensitivity. He ensured that both parties were heard and understood, and ul


2023-05-12 04:39:10

I was impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the AM Mediators team. They helped me navigate a complex boundary dispute and helped me reach a settlement that was fair and equitable. I appreciated their attention to detail and their commitment


2023-05-05 04:55:55

AM Mediators is simply the best when it comes to child custody mediation. Their team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in family law, and they went above and beyond to help me and my ex-partner reach an agreement that was in the best interest of our chi


2023-04-28 05:15:03

Our experience with AM Mediators was mostly positive. They were able to help us navigate a difficult child custody situation and come to an agreement that satisfied both parties. While the process was emotionally taxing at times, our mediator was skilled


2023-04-21 04:48:23

AM Mediators was instrumental in reaching a child custody agreement that prioritized our children's well-being. Their empathetic and experienced team created a comfortable environment for open communication, fostering a fair resolution. I highly recommend


2023-04-14 04:43:54

I had an excellent experience with AM Mediators. The mediators were professional, empathetic, and skilled at facilitating communication between myself and my family members. They helped us come to a resolution that worked for everyone involved. I highly r


2023-04-07 04:47:59

AM Mediators are skilled and experienced professionals who offer fair and unbiased mediation services. Their expertise helped us reach a satisfactory resolution.


2023-03-31 11:33:04

Overall I found this to be a very positive experience, in what is a very challenging time. Everyone was very professional and helpful, I would definitely recommend your company to others.


2023-03-24 03:50:55

Thank you for your help in getting us to this point, especially the clarity you brought to the process and the empathy you showed at the two meetings in your offices


2023-03-17 03:53:34

I found your approach and sessions very helpful and would have no hesitation in recommending your services


2023-03-10 03:40:37

I hope the addition of this new framework of understanding and clarification of our positions, roles and responsibilities as responsible adults as well as parents will enable us to break down the wall between us. We can now move forward to a place of calm


2023-03-03 05:20:56

I am relieved to have been able to express my goodwill in the handling of our relationship, since my previous attempts by email seem always to have been interpreted in a negative way.


2023-02-24 03:12:25

Many thanks for all your efforts, your patience etc. [My ex] and I continued the conversation we started in the last session and we have agreed directly between us on a settlement. On a personal note I’d like you to know that I’d highly recommend you to a


2023-02-17 04:28:39

It was a very useful process on many levels, including practical, emotional and obviously financial. Helen was great.


2023-02-10 04:01:51

Many thanks for all your efforts, your patience etc. [My ex] and I continued the conversation we started in the last session, and we have agreed directly between us on a settlement. On a personal note, I’d like you to know that I’d highly recommend you to


2023-02-03 03:56:42

I just wanted to express my thanks for the way you held the sessions. I feel we can now move on in our parenting relationship with a much clearer understanding of our responsibilities. Not only towards [our child] but to each other as his mother and fathe


2023-01-27 03:37:18

She [the mediator] was neutral, had a good manner, but guided the conversation/negotiation with real purpose. She was excellent.


2023-01-20 03:32:32

Your session seems to have brought about the possibility of an amicable resolution for this divorce through a collaborative process, which will hopefully be a less stressful way of settling things.


2023-01-13 04:26:37

I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of [the mediators] who were always very impartial, considerate, patient and incredibly understanding. I am extremely grateful for all the help they both gave us and helped us to come to a mutually agreeable


2023-01-06 03:17:56

Your session seems to have increased the likelihood of an amicable ending to this divorce via a collaborative procedure, which will hopefully be a less stressful means of resolving the matter.


2022-12-30 03:09:31

It's fair to say I was terrified of yesterday but you were fantastic. I came out of our session feeling much better, so thank you very much.


2022-12-23 03:38:37

You and your group are able to turn a dreadful situation into one that people can survive. From the very first moment on, I had complete faith that everything would turn out OK.


2022-12-16 03:35:10

AM Mediators' well-organized and time-saving procedure was my favourite part of dealing with them.

JK Smith

2022-12-02 04:52:44

Excellent and Helpful - The mediators at AM Mediators are known for their compassion and fairness. When it came to negotiating with my ex-spouse for child custody, they were a huge assistance. AM Mediator, I appreciate your fortitude and strength in helpi


2022-11-25 04:25:56

You and your team have a special talent for making a bad situation acceptable. I always had the impression that everything was being handled properly.


2022-11-18 04:10:30

You and the rest of your group possess a special skill that enables you to make a horrific situation more bearable. From the very beginning to the very end, I had the consistent impression that I was in capable hands.


2022-11-11 04:04:42

AM Mediation provides a method that is very comprehensive and is carried out in an effective manner, with the goal of facilitating the essential talks required for a divorce.


2022-11-04 04:25:43

You and your group are able to turn a dreadful situation into one that people can survive. From the very beginning to the very end, I felt completely safe and secure.


2022-10-28 05:01:09

AM Mediators offers practical and economical mediation services.


2022-10-21 05:05:54

My therapist highly recommended AM Mediators because of their expertise in the field. I appreciate it a lot...


2022-10-14 05:09:54

My therapist recommended AM Mediators' experts in the field highly. Thank you very...


2022-10-07 04:54:51

You and your team have the rare capacity to alleviate a dreadful predicament. From beginning to finish, I always felt I was in excellent hands.


2022-09-30 05:13:57

The most enjoyable aspect of working with AM Mediators was the process's efficiency and organisation.


2022-09-23 05:13:30

AM Mediators supplied a mediation service that was both convenient and cost-effective.


2022-09-16 04:22:20

My therapist recommended AM Mediators' experts in the field highly. Thank you very...


2022-09-09 06:04:53

You were quite helpful in making this process as straightforward as possible.


2022-09-02 06:31:23

In a nutshell, you were invaluable in making this process easy as pie.


2022-07-18 04:51:26

I'm glad we were able to mediate either in person or online. We chose to mediate through the internet, which turned out to be really helpful.


2022-07-11 04:42:59

Having dealt with you has been a pleasure, and we consider ourselves lucky to have discovered someone as knowledgeable, well-informed, and considerate as you have been throughout this process.


2022-07-04 04:38:59

My therapist strongly suggested the professionals in the area at AM Mediators. Thank you very much...


2022-06-27 04:39:57

Going through the procedure that I did is far preferable to having to appear in court. Both sides of the argument were heard, and the difficulties were resolved in an acceptable manner. In just just one meeting, we were able to settle everything that pert


2022-06-18 06:35:00

You and your team have the exceptional capacity to make a dreadful situation more tolerable. From beginning to end, I always felt I was in good hands.


2022-06-11 05:11:00

The expediency and organisation of the process were two of the aspects of my time spent working with AM Mediators that I appreciated the most.


2022-06-04 10:53:15

"Observing a skilled mediator in action provided me with a really beneficial learning experience... Any novice mediators who have recently received their certification should observe Ammediators."

Pauline White

2022-05-26 12:22:41

I am grateful to you for being a model of integrity and kindness, and I would heartily recommend you as a guide and support.


2022-05-18 06:42:26

I want to express my gratitude for your assistance in getting us to this point, particularly for the clarity and sensitivity you demonstrated during our two sessions in your offices.


2022-03-28 07:30:18

Thank you, AM Mediators, for your professionalism and assistance at a trying time. It is really appreciated.


2022-03-10 10:09:43

Friendly and completed the work very efficiently.


2022-03-05 05:39:52

We received excellent service from AM Mediatiors . They are not only knowledgeable but courteous and patient with his clients especially in the challenging circumstances of mediation.


2022-02-25 06:43:05

Exceptional advice that was honest, clear and humane. I got far more from my session than I expected.


2022-02-16 06:47:07

AM Mediators is extremely professional, calming during challenging issues, and effective at finding resolution.


2022-02-10 11:04:16

They truly know what they are talking about, and they actually care about you. They really helped


2022-02-05 06:35:38

Amazing service


2022-01-29 05:09:02

Really happy with service provided to us by SAM Med, our Divorce Mediator. Thank you for your help and support. .


2022-01-18 10:28:12

So kind and helpful, thank you


2022-01-04 06:47:29

Very professional and ethical service providers; without a doubt, they are skilled at resolving disputes. Without a doubt, AM Mediators is the best Mediation service provider, and their fees are very reasonable.


2021-12-17 05:44:49

Very speedy response was able to help with my situation. Very pleased with the promptness.


2021-12-03 06:59:56

Highly qualified and extremely professional group of professionals.


2021-11-24 07:08:29

Very professional and ethical service providers


2021-11-16 08:08:49

Good customer service and very knowledgeable staff


2021-10-26 09:15:01

The session was extremely beneficial to me. AM Mediatiors was pleasant and easy to communicate with. I didn't feel rushed, and I got all of my questions answered. Thank you very much.


2021-10-18 10:55:05

Cannot thank AM Mediators enough for all help. Very much recommend their services whenever mediation can help. And that is more often than most of us realize


2021-10-13 08:19:52

I’ll recommend to anyone looking for a reliable professional advice


2021-10-07 06:39:12

The adviser I spoke to was so informative, helpful, and encouraging. It was a great overview session.


2021-09-30 08:35:23

Was clear and concise in all communication. Was patient and took the time to explain things clearly.


2021-09-23 07:28:49

From start to finish, the entire team was extremely supportive. With no legal experience, I felt completely out of my element taking this course, but I needn't have worried.


2021-09-07 07:45:08

AM Mediators provided convenient and cost-effective mediation.

Heather Chase

2021-08-31 06:41:59

You and your team have a unique ability to make a terrible situation more bearable.I always felt like I was in good hands from start to end.


2021-08-24 06:14:24

I am thankful to you as an example of honesty and compassion, and I would enthusiastically suggest you as a guide and support.


2021-08-19 11:23:24

I'm pleased we had the option of mediating in person or electronically. We opted to mediate online, which proved to be quite beneficial.


2021-08-12 10:09:43

It has been a pleasure dealing with you, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have encountered someone as competent, educated, and caring as you have been throughout this process.


2021-08-04 07:16:48

What I liked best about working with AM Mediators was how efficient and well-structured the process was.


2021-07-27 07:02:03

You were really helpful in making this procedure as simple as possible.


2021-07-27 07:01:26

3. AM Mediation offers a highly thorough and well-executed approach for enabling the necessary dialogues for a divorce.


2021-07-19 06:15:37

I appreciate how simple you've made the most difficult procedure I've ever encountered.


2021-07-15 08:22:03

Fast and good mediator who helped me a lot so thankful


2021-07-14 07:56:00

My solicitor suggested we mediate and glad we did it was easier than I thought


2021-07-14 07:55:16

I got a Miam done really quickly and service was good overall

Jeff Smith

2019-03-01 00:00:00

Direct Sarms is the best company for sarms on the market, and you won't be disappointed working with them.

Jeff Smith

2019-03-01 00:00:00

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